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Twice a year, Trees Knoxville offers the Volunteer Forester Training Program to develop our volunteers' tree management skills.

The sessions' topics include:

  • Introduction to Trees Knoxville & Knoxville’s Urban Forest

  • Tree Selection and Proper Tree Planting

  • The Science and Art of Pruning

  • Tree Health and Invasive Species

  • A Volunteer Opportunity with Trees Knoxville

Click here for a sample training syllabus.

Week 1: Introduction to the Urban Forest: Presentation 1, Presentation 2, and Presentation 3

Week 2: Proper Tree Planting: Presentation 1 and Presentation 2

Week 3: The Science and Art of Pruning: Presentation 

Week 4: Tree Health and Invasive Species: Presentation


Graduates of Trees Knoxville’s Volunteer Forester program* are invited to take the Volunteer Forester Graduate Class. Registration is $30 and classes begin January 7, 2018.

The sessions' topics include:

Week 1: Tree Biology and Tree Measurement: Presentation

Week 2: Soil Relations and Management: Presentation

Week 3: Recognizing Tree Hazards, Risks, and Tree Law

Week 4: Tree Identification

*If you are not a graduate of the Volunteer Forester program but wish to take the Graduate Class, please contact Kasey Krouse for approval at

Call 865-356-0470 or email with any training-related questions.