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Volunteer Forester Certification Program (4th of 4 Sessions)

Join Trees Knoxville for a four-session Volunteer Forester Certification Program:

Session 4: Tree Health and Invasive Species
Location TBA

TBA (1.5 Hours)- Outdoors
TBA (1.5 Hours)- Outdoors

Students will:
1. Understand and recognize the difference between stressed and healthy trees. 
2. Understand basic diagnostic procedures. 
3. Define primary and secondary problems. 
4. Become familiar with common pests and diseases, their identification, and control. 
5. Understand basic soil properties and how urban trees react to different conditions. 
6. Know when to fertilize and amend sites
7. Understand basic invasive species terminology and know why plants are native, exotic, 
invasive, and naturalized. 
8. Know the environmental, social, and economic consequences to invasive plant invasions. 
9. Be introduced to invasive plant and restoration ecology principals and the characteristics that make invasive plants successful and hard to control. 
10. Learn about invasive plant solutions at the local level and how to manage invasive species in an urban setting
11. Recognize invasive plants impacting Knoxville’s urban forest.
12. Understand Different Methods (Chemical, Mechanical, Cultural, and Biological) for
controlling invasive species

Trees Knoxville's goal in making this opportunity available is to develop the tree management skill level of our volunteers.

Continuing Education Units from ISA will be available.

Follow this link for dates, places, course description, and list of instructors for the sessions.

All attendees must register. $50 fee payable at the first session (checks or cash only.)