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Volunteer Forester Certification Program (2nd of 4 Sessions)

Join Trees Knoxville for a four-session Volunteer Forester Certification Program:

Session 2: Tree Selection and Proper Tree Planting
Location TBA

Kasey Krouse, City of Knoxville Urban Forester (1 hour)
TBA (2 hours)-Outdoors

Students will:

  1. Recognize the characteristics of a favorable and unfavorable tree selection.

  2. Comparison of Bare Root, Containerized, and B&B Trees

  3. Understand tree planting & care techniques

  4. When is it best to plant and why

  5. Select tools and equipment

  6. Proper planting and staking technique

  7. Proper mulching and re-establishing mulch rings

  8. Caring for trees after planting

  9. Planting demonstrations

  10. Recognize soil characteristics and how they affect tree growth

  11. Assess overhead utilities and recognize how to avoid future conflicts with trees and utilities

  12. Site Assessment and how to avoid conflicts with pedestrians, vehicles, and other structures

Trees Knoxville's goal in making this opportunity available is to develop the tree management skill level of our volunteers.

Continuing Education Units from ISA will be available.

Follow this link for dates, places, course description, and list of instructors for the sessions.

All attendees must register. $50 fee payable at the first session (checks or cash only.)