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Trees Knoxville Volunteer Forester Certification Program: Session 3 of 5

  • City of Knoxville Public Service Complex 3131 Morris Road Knoxville, Tennessee, 37918 (map)

Session 3: The Science and Art of Pruning

Sam Adams, University of Tennessee Arborist (45 Minutes)
Kasey Krouse, Knoxville Urban Forester (45 Minutes)
Outdoor Pruning Activity- (1.5 Hours)

Students will:
1. Understand the fundamentals of pruning and recognize trees that are in need pruning.
2. Determine when it is best to prune for health, flowers, and structure.
3. Demonstrate proper tool choice and methods for safe & effective pruning:

  • What to prune: dead stuff, stubs, suckers, low branches, branches with narrow crotch angles, rubs, crowded branches, hazardous branches.
  • Learning the correct way to remove branches & different methods (cuts, what to prune first, the 30% rule, etc.) 
  • Select Tools and PPE

4. Recognize different tree forms and how to prune trees of different sizes and shapes
5. Be able to express the need for tree pruning and the associated activities to the public.
6. Understand structural pruning for young trees (Outdoor pruning activity)